Firemark Insurance Agency History

Fire Marks can be traced back to the Great Fire of London in 1666. The fire raged out of control for days, destroying most of the city because fire extinguishing methods were of little use. In the aftermath, fire insurance companies were founded to provide fire protections for insured properties. Each insurance company maintained groups of volunteer watermen who wore badges and uniforms, commonly know as Fire Brigades.

Insurance companies branded each property under its protection by attaching distinctive metal signs called Fire Marks. The first signs were brightly painted and artistically designed. The Fire Marks identified the insured properties for the Fire Brigades and acknowledged which insurance company would be paying for thieir services. Thus, began the tradition of insurance companies dedicated to the protection of properties and homes.

Today the heritage of providing broad form insurance coverage to protect your assets continues with FireMark Insurance Agency LLC. FireMark is an Independent Insurance Agency that represents companies underwriting guidelines regarding superior home construction and security systems.